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AMC - 11


AMC 11 is a general purpose Aluminium cleansing flux suitable for use at lower temperatures (650 - 720 C) in all types of furnaces.


Acts as a surface cover to prevent oxidation and hydrogen pickup. Decreases the metal content of the dross thus increasing yield and reducing metal costs. Produces a dry easily removable dross. Is a powerful oxide remover and reduces risks of defective castings due to oxide inclusions. Is especially useful for reverberatory and large molten metal ladles.


This flux has a wide operating range and is particularly effective with metal treated at low temperatures.


  • An addition of 0.2% is generally sufficient. However, the use of high scrap charges or the addition of oily or dirty metal to the charge may require larges amounts.

  • The flux may be distributed over the molten metal surface after melt down, or with high scrap charges add one half of the flux with the scrap and the remaining half to the top surface of the metal after melt down.

  • When the charge is completely molten and the flux melted and well distributed over the surface, the flux layer should be rabbled into the molten to collect the oxides floating in the metal and agglomerate these at the surface.

  • When the flux/oxide mixture has dried to a powery dross, remove it with perforated skimmers and collect it in reclaimers for optimum metal recovery.


Available in 25kg bags.



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